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In addition to the Web, core Business Technology has dramatically changed as well.   The cloud offers alternatives to having the hardware infrastructure to host your application.  The cloud also opens technology to small business that was too costly to consider.  The cloud system can be set up to support demand spikes then return to lower level when demand slows.  This saves money. Take advantage of a free initial conversation to where you want your technology direction to go.

Web Based Systems need to be reviewed as well.  Fortunately, most applications have automatic or prompted update requests.  How often have you hit the remind me later or, worse yet, to never remind because you are sure you'll remember.  As long as next update is a cumulative update (includes old patches) and that gets run, the device is back to a current state.  Perhaps your current web site is still based in an older technology and now that site or application needs to be converted.


Upgrade or replace?

Either option  needs to be evaluated to decide on the best path.

Can the data be moved?

Is the software Still Supported?

Will it work on my new <TECH>?

Business optimization means matching up processes and systems to support the business objectives.  The problem is, they keep changing the technology.


Let's face it, if your competition has the jump on technology, you're left off line.

Security?  It's more than just the latest anti-virus software.

PMI, PII, HIPAA and others.  The list goes on.  Are you in compliance?

Yet, System updates happen.   Your an expert on your business.   Let an expert on technology help.


You've been collecting transaction data and now you want business intelligence.

Commission a data warehouse?

Pull analytics from the Web?

A massive spreadsheet?


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