Care Plans a must for any site.

You've had your site for a while.  Perhaps you used WordPress or Joomla.  Most Business owners are rightfully concerned about back ups.  That is a very good thing to have.  See, here is the thing.  Your site needs a regular update plan in addition to back ups.  The templates used in your site when it was created have been updated numerous times since your site went live.   WordPress itself has been updated three times so far this year.  This means that the Plug Ins and Themes running on  WordPress also went through update releases.  Having a Care Plan would mean that your site would also be checked an updated where necessary.

We place care plans and insurance on important things in life.   A doctor prescribes a health care plan.  A bank requires full coverage insurance on an auto loan.  We have extended warranties, some with requirements like an oil change.  For about the price of a Latte, you can get the Standard Plan for 119.99/mo.  See the pricing page below.