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Is your Web Site at risk?

Risk is managed by security layers like Anti-Malware and by routine maintenance .

The sites operating system and the variety of components many of the sites today take regular maintenance.    Predators exploit weaknesses created by a lack of updates.

Take advantage of a free site review.

There are many avenues to open up your space on the Internet.   It represents your business but it also represents a targeted market.

  • Who are the likely users of your product or service?
  • What is the product or service they need that you can provide?
  • If you are a lawyer, your focus is on your specialty.  What law changes are pending?
  • How can I target my site to accommodate a particular census group?

The review consists of going through what you have done to secure your site, a high level security and Usability Guidelines review and update components if necessary.   This is the core servicer provided under the Standard Care Plan.

Does your site display well on a phone, tablet and a computer screen?  Is the navigation suitable to each device type?  Page swipe up and down for mobile?  Side to side on Tablet?  Single page on a big or touch-less screen?  Does your site pass a Usability Test?  If your site is more than a few years old, this free service will provide you with some recommendations on possible upgrades for better security, performance or cross device compatibility.

Standard plans start at $144.95 a month.  Two months free with a yearly subscription.   Discounts on Web Design with a CarePlan subscription.